Bugzilla integration

As PO I can select Bugzilla-Tickets as descriptions for Stories to see the ticket description from Bugzilla directly in Kunagi stories.


Wed, Oct 3, 2012, 01:06 by anonymous

This is a very useful functionality.

Wed, Jul 3, 2013, 07:23 by anonymous

When can we expect this functionality to be prioritized?

Wed, Jul 3, 2013, 07:24 by gb

when can we expect this feature to be prioritized for development?

Wed, Jul 3, 2013, 11:25 by Witek (SM,T)

Sorry, we have no plans, yet.

Fri, Dec 18, 2015, 19:27 by Ale

Are you planning on working in this feature?

Sun, Dec 20, 2015, 20:51 by artjom (PO,T)

This is a story that has been around for a while now. However, our main plans for interoperability is providing a Read/Write API, so that people can write plugins for Kunagi.

I would not expect that an interface for a specific tool like Bugzille makes it into Kunagi any time soon (or at all).

Tue, Jan 5, 2016, 09:57 by Witek (SM,T)

Since last upgrade we have very minimal integration with external systems via URL.

In Project Settings there is a new section External Tracking System

You can provide there a Label like "Bugzilla" and an URL Template like "https://bugzilla.intranet/show_bug.cgi?id=${id}". When this is configured, all Issues will have a new field "Bugzilla-ID". When set it can be clicked.

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