Modernize UI

Modernize the UI by moving to Bootstrap.

Take into account the followin improvements:

  • Write the title of grouping boxes (i.e. Burndown, Team's Work, ...) outside of the box. Keep more spacing between the boxes.
  • Remove excessive grid from Burndown.
  • Harmonize links and buttons in the header bar.
  • Clean up Navigation.
  • Introduce user portraits to the User Widget and use it to display user activity. Make the online/offline indication graphical, e.g. by a border of the portraint or make the user entry half-transparent. Black-and-white portraits would also be as possibility but are not suitable if user portraits are already black-and-white.
  • Move System Messages out of the navigation.
  • Introduce a Navigation toggle to the header bar that shows and hides the navigation and lights up if there is activity in the chat.
  • Introduce dedicated handles (distinct from the entity id)

Also: iss845?


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