Release 0.16

We didn't quite make our goal this Sprint. However, Release 0.16 is here and it is by all means a valid improvement over 0.15.

Here are the Stories that were completed:

  • sto151 Tasks can now be created by a Create-Task button right in the Task list (no need to open the Story action menu)
  • sto155 The Sprint Report has been extended to include more information on completed Stories and Tasks
  • sto157 There is now a possibility to configure "free days" in the Project administration. Free days are not taken into account, when calculating burndown projections
  • sto152 The change history now opens in shortened form with the option to expand certain event details (leading to a performance boost)
  • sto153 Stories and Issues can now be tagged with Themes; Theme-related stories are then displayed in the Story/Issue details
  • sto158 Thanks to Olivier Weinstoerffer's code contribution, we now have LDAP support for authentication

There are also a lot of bugfixes:

  • iss340 JFreeChart: NoClassDefFoundError
  • iss341 Registration possible in spite of disabled registration
  • iss321 Setting the data directory is now possible by setting data.path=/my/data/path in the
  • iss294 Exception on changing duration of Next Sprint
  • iss334 Crash when editing comments
  • iss319 Spelling
  • iss284 Another Sprint Burndown Chart Bug
  • iss335 Comments from Homepage are Wiki-Syntax
  • iss337 Exception when adding Sprints to Releases
  • iss338 Blocks without a title cannot be expanded
  • iss349 Velocity fails when editing Entities
  • iss324 Anonymous submitting issues displays "null" as the issuer's name

During the rest of the month, we are very likely to be caught up in Christmas vacations, so don't expect much, but we will be back in January with the next release, that will hopefully finally include reasonable Browser support and the long promised Tutorial.



Wed, Dec 15, 2010, 06:27 by anonymous

Another release HOORRAY!

Tue, Dec 21, 2010, 00:46 by Evan

Very interesting project!
I'd like to hear more about what you have in mind for Product Owners with large backlogs (300-500 stories).

Fri, Jan 7, 2011, 22:35 by anonymous

I like it easy to install. And easy to work with

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