Release 0.18

Working on 0.18 took us an unusually long while, but now it's done.

First of all, Kunagi 0.18 introduces reasonable support for Chrome and Opera. Using Kunagi with Opera before was far from productive, but is about fine now.

There is also one more feature for the Product Backlog: Splitting Stories allows the Product Owner to, well, split Stories. The advantage is that the change history logs that event and the relationship of the Stories is maintained by an automatically introduced common Theme.

There is also one little change for Releases. You may specify a Release Script in the Project Administration view that will be executed when you publish a Release.

And as always, here is the list of bugs and issues fixed with the new release. I'd like to point out one especially exciting fix, however:

You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll the view while dragging (iss151).

Fixed Bugs

  • iss437 Forward/Back navigation was broken
  • iss465 Project Events including Qualities lacked a link to the Quality
  • iss470 Fixed a bug in Ilarkesto libraries
  • iss391 There is now a PDF-Download for Quality Backlog, Issues and Releases
  • iss478 Generate PDF would crash for some Wiki pages
  • iss457 It was possible to kill the program by dragging Stories aroung in the Whiteboard
  • iss449 Qualities are now ordered alphabetically in the Product Backlog filter
  • iss469 Fixed crash when creating a new Story in a filtered Product Backlog
  • iss300 There is now support for some foreign characters in PDF (Turkish and Polish should work now)
  • iss443 the Velocity projection in the Product Backlog failed for some pages

Kunagi now runs with the new GWT version 2.2.



Wed, Apr 13, 2011, 10:07 by Krzysztof

Great information! Big thanks for new release!
I will update today. Im looking very forward to use it!

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