Release 0.13

Release 0.13 is here and contains one especially exciting and several minor, but convenience-boosting changes:

  • now there is in-program documentation describing all views and fields in Kunagi,
  • the login view has been reworked to support correct enter-behaviour and browser autofill features,
  • projects can now be switched without returning to the project view,
  • you can now set the location that Kunagi saves data to.

Behind the scenes, we have set up a testing framework for code and GUI that should prevent some dumb errors making it into future program versions.

There is also a number of fixes for existing issues:

  • iss218 usernames were not required to be unique although the program demands it
  • iss225 registration of new users can now be disabled
  • iss209 dates could appear cluttered for long Sprints
  • iss228 there was a login and reload bug that caused Kunagi to deadlock in a loading view
  • iss227 the admin can now set a default password for newly created users
  • iss226 mail servers without authentication data were unusable


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