RTL is not supported

unfortunately RTL languages are not supported in Kunagi.

Statement from Kunagi Team

Since we expect almost all developers to know english, we have decided not to implement translations to other languages.

Cf. sto66. However, please not that it is not scheduled to be realized any time soon.


Bug is accepted as 'normal' and the Team needs to fix it.


Wed, May 25, 2016, 13:54 by Mohammad Rafigh

Thanks for your response, but! I don't mean translations. I mean RTL is not supported in any fields like comments, issues, stories... ok developers should know English but when you are working with people in issue tracker, or ui/ux designers or marketers as your team members they will need to write something in RTL. at least I think it's just as easy as including some css style or at least a dir="auto" in html tags!

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