Backlog filtering

As a Product Manager, I want to restrict the view of my Backlog by certain criteria, so that I can easily locate and review stories in a large backlog.

  • Filtering criteria must include: theme
  • Filtering criteria should include: estimate, date created, date updated
  • Filtering criteria could include: qualities
  • There should be a search field for just backlog items, that filters the backlog view itself rather than going to another view

Acceptance tests

  • collapsable filter widget in the PB view
  • changing filter form filters the backlog
  • reset filter button
  • disable story size bar colors when backlog is filtered
  • disable projection bars when backlog is filtered
  • filter form contains
    • search field
    • theme selection
    • quality selection
    • (<, <=, =, >=, >) estimate, date created / updated
  • sorting filtered backlog items is correctly reflected in the product backlog (an item dropped above / below another is moved above / below it in the full backlog)


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