Release 0.23

We are proud to announce an exciting new Kunagi version, featuring a substantial set of improvements.

Important notice to all upgraders!

We have changed how Kunagi finds its data to make configuration easier in the future. If you didn't customize the data path or configuration path, nothing changes for you. In some cases, after upgrading Kunagi, it will use a different data directory and all your projects will be "gone" (they are, in fact, still there). In this case take a look into your log file to see which data path is used by Kunagi. Then stop Kunagi, delete this data path and move your old data directory to this path. Please don't accidentally delete your real data directory, create backups before deleting anything! Start Kunagi and watch for warnings in the log file. More infos on data path configuration in the FAQ.

Back to new features...

New Features

First off, we have finished the long awaited cemetery for Stories (sto187), Tasks and Comments that were not available in the UI after their respective Sprints have been completed. It replaces the (formerly purely textual) Sprint History.

In the process of working on the Sprint we have changed the way text input works: Contents are now auto-saved as you type. The buttons "Apply" and "Cancel" have thus gave way to one button "Finish".

Also, there is also a huge list of fixed Issues, including some really great stuff. Here's the complete list:

Fixed Bugs

  • iss716 Creating Story from Issue no longer drops its Themes
  • iss720 Stories that contain blocked Tasks not show the blocked icon
  • iss727 Stories may not have an estimation value of 0
  • iss709 Themes that are currently unused are hidden from the Themes widget
  • iss738 When accepting Issues as Ideas, the UI no longer auto jumps
  • iss740 A unintended bogus change log entry on Story rejection has been removed
  • iss726 "Keep me logged in" on the login screen is now auto-checked
  • iss729 References in the Journal are now links that lead to the referenced entities
  • iss717 The dashboard now not only shows the Team's, but also the Product Owner's upcoming work
  • iss700 To avoid confusion, Stories without Tasks are no longer displayed as "completed", but as "no tasks"
  • iss620 National-specific characters (like Kanji etc.) should no longer disappear from texts
  • iss719 Some weird behaviour when kicking from / pulling Stories to / form Sprints was fixed
  • iss724 Kunagi now hides Tasks that have been carried over from past Sprints, but have already been completed to avoid confusion about Sprint progress (those Tasks can still be seen in the Sprint History; see sto187)
  • iss721 Missing "Unclaim" for Tasks should now be there
  • iss706 Removing completed Stories from Sprint no longer makes them disappear altogether, they are 'uncompleted' instead
  • iss722 The same day in the calendar no longer appears as several dates in certain cases
  • iss728 The Communication Indicated (in the top left, next to the Kunagi logo) now turns red if the server fails to respond and displays the server response time in its tooltip
  • iss549 Fixed race conditions when the Product Owner sorts the Backlog while other Users expand and collapse Stories
  • iss763 Fixed a bug where claimed and fixed messages for Issues in the Journal would appear in wrong order
  • iss760 0 SP Stories no longer appear in the Planning Poker estimation help
  • iss750 The keyword to generate a table of contents in the Wiki is now __TOC__ instead of TOC (in line with Wikipedia)
  • iss747 Bugs are not directly convertable to Ideas (instead of having to move them to the Inbox first)
  • iss751 Fixed a bug where inline code would appear as a block when placed at the beginning of a line
  • iss691 Fixed blocked Tasks missing from the PDF Sprint Report
  • iss739 Selecting "Show change history" on collapsed entities now properly expands them and shows the Change log
  • iss749 Entity references that appear with brackets or colons are now recognized and displayed as links correctly

Stay tuned for more soon!



Fri, Mar 30, 2012, 15:28 by anonymous

A question concerning sto187: Does it work for already closed sprints, too? In our case, we started testing kunagi in Jan this year and completed 5 sprints so far. We tried to see stories and tasks from those sprints. But the system always says task or story not found. So we assume, that the next sprint we close will be visitable in the cemetery - right?

Fri, Mar 30, 2012, 16:36 by artjom (PO,T)

Yes, you are right. Unfortunately for sto187, we had garbage collection for old entities in Kunagi until recently, so old entities do not exist anymore. In this case, the Sprint History cannot display them, but is limited to the textual representation seen in the "Completed Stories" field.

Mon, Apr 9, 2012, 07:32 by meta

Loving Kunagi, great work! and thank you!

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