Release 0.12

We have deployed a new release with several improvements over the previous version.

The new version contains Stories scheduled for our current Sprint.

  • User registration that allows users to create their own more or less persistent projects in the demo application,
  • a downloadable version of Kunagi with a simple installation documentation,
  • a blog can now be managed from the Administration -> Blog view,
  • content from Kunagi can be exported via Apache Velocity,
  • smileys have been substituted by a smaller and clearer set.

Related to our own project it means that

  • we now have this blog and
  • our Issue List, Product Backlog and current Sprint Backlog can now be seen on this website.

Additionally, we have some bug fixes, namely

  • iss190 after the installation of Kunagi a default password notice is now displayed,
  • iss181 Tasks are now deleted when carrying Stories over to the next Sprint,
  • iss204 Issues that have been accepted as Ideas can now directly be converted to a Bug,
  • iss148 in some cases date calculations were wrong,
  • iss196 the software now runs GWT 2.0.4,
  • iss194 the Burndown Chart in example projects no longer breaks when the user edits the current Sprint,
  • iss88 the Sprint Report now contains information on who was Team, Scrum Master and Product Owner,
  • iss158 Sprints are can now be referenced correctly using sprN (where N is a number),
  • iss157 non-existing Wiki pages can now directly be created after a failed attempt to open them.


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