Release 0.25

We have a new Kunagi version out with improved performance on projects wiht a lot of sprints and with the following Stories implemented and Issues fixed:

New Features

  • sto221 The Richtext-Editor will now prepend itemization/enumeration when text is selected (instead of overwriting the selected text)
  • sto231 Blog entries will have their date created on publication (not on entity creation); explicit dates can still be set
  • sto239 If Qualities are cross-referenced in Stories, a Task for each Quality will be automatically created when pulling Stories to a Sprint
  • sto232 Planning Poker estimation help will now continue working after cards are revealed
  • sto235 The average velocity will now be calculated using a moving average (of the last three Sprints)

Fixed Bugs

  • iss1037 Fixed "Move to Inbox" (Issues) not working
  • iss1104 Fixed Unexpected Error using Undo on Task creation
  • iss1100 Unclaiming an Issue will now create Journal entries
  • iss1041 Completed Stories will not continue to be exported to the homepage
  • iss1091 Fixed Exception on other client when new User is added to project
  • iss1081 Fixed references to files not working
  • iss925 Fixed Whiteboard deformation for Stories with high estimation
  • iss1021 Fixed submenus on the navigation appearing as small lines
  • iss1038 Fixed crash when adding image file links in comments
  • iss767 Completed Tasks will not be removed when kicking a Story from the Sprint
  • iss477 Fixed non-expanding/non-collapsing blocks after executing certain menu actions
  • iss1087 Stories that were rejected in past Sprints can now be deleted
  • iss1070 Removed wrong tooltip from Stories
  • iss1024 Fixed incorrect adjustment of remaining hours when repeatedly clicking "-" on burned hours
  • iss1109 The Sprint Backlog PDF now contains the Sprint goal


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