Release 0.26

Stories from spr26 Merge Congstar Hackathon Results

  • sto241 Moving Stories between Projects
  • sto242 Create issue from task

Moving Stories between Projects allows the Product Owner to push a Story to another project. If he is the Product Owner of the target project, the Story will be moved to its Product Backlog. Otherwise, an Issue in the target project will be created. Please note that moving a Story will not keep its changelog and comments.

Create Issues from Tasks allows the Product Owner to easily transfer a Task to the Issue inbox. This allows accepting a Story with defects and directly create the corresponding Issue for further processing.

Thanks to the Congstar Hackathon team for code contributions.

Fixed bugs

  • iss1145 OpenID login fails with version 0.25
  • iss1144 Searching crashes
  • iss1147 EntityDoesNotExistException in user login
  • iss1140 System Message date: Info and error message
  • iss1142 allow "+" in email address
  • iss1143 Project admin setting was unset and cannot be set again
  • iss1146 Error when uploading file with unicode characters in the file name
  • iss1159 Planing Poker reveals cardvalue before clicking "show"
  • iss1172 Meta: G+ and FB like on the main page are broken
  • iss1134 Convert Bug->Story, bug appears fixed in Release


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Thu, May 8, 2014, 09:12 by Elizabeththomas

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Mon, May 12, 2014, 21:05 by Serguei Belikov

Thank you for releasing this valuable features. Kunagi is a great product. Thank you very much.

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