Release 0.14

We have been working on a lot of small stuff this Sprint and are proud to present our longest release notes yet. The plans for next Sprint are similar, so expect another one of these next month.

See below for a more or less full list of changes.

New Features

  • sto106 The Wiki syntax for lists now supports sublists
  • sto130 Users can now register and log in using OpenID
  • sto131 We have now released Kunagi in a way that allows everybody to contribute. See the Developers' Documentation for that
  • sto129 Changes to text are now saved automatically and can be restored when the program crashes
  • sto79 The Change Log for Entities now shows human readable diffs
  • sto111, sto113 Creation of Stories from Issues now crates one conversion event, carries Issue info over to the new Story and sets bidirectional references to link Story and Issue
  • sto128 Multiple successive changes to text are now merged to one change in the Change Log
  • sto108 Users can now sort Tasks in Stories
  • sto133 Developers can now reply by e-mail to Issues submitted from the Internet
  • sto115 On the Kunagi website, users can discuss published Entities, like Issues
  • sto124 The login form now allows users to stay logged in
  • sto122 The current program version is now displayed
  • sto134 Bugs now automatically set the current Release as affected when accepted, and the next Release as Fix Release when claimed
  • sto126 Label length has been limited to 110 characters in order to preserve UI
  • sto125 Developers can now set Tasks as blocked by Impediments
  • sto127 Sprint duration can now be set by end date or by duration
  • sto123 Entity fields have been renamed to better represent their purpose

Fixed Bugs

  • iss264 The Sprint Burndown Chart is now rendered, even if the start date lies in the future
  • iss165 Chat content is now preserved for the whole session (and not cleared after some time)
  • iss219 Project description fields are now Product descriptions have been renamed, a Vision has been included as a Project description
  • iss255 Relative redirects should now work correctly
  • iss242 A bug including the creation of Tasks led to a UI lockup and cannot be reproduced any more
  • iss271 UI Response Time has been improved
  • iss221 enumeration syntax within code blocks in the Wiki is now correctly interpreted as code
  • iss213 broken File upload has been fixed
  • iss250 Story order in Product Backlog Report is now correct
  • iss258 The e-mail validated rejected some correct emails; this issue should be fixed now


Wed, Oct 20, 2010, 03:23 by anonymous

I'm so glad there's a new release! Thank you for your hard work :)

Tue, Nov 9, 2010, 09:59 by anonymous

The new release has addressed some of the issues i personally faced (file upload). Keep up the good work

Fri, Nov 12, 2010, 11:39 by anonymous

yeah, i was also having issues on file upload :) now it works!

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