Release 0.17

Kunagi 0.17 is out and introduces some improvements for the Product Owner's workflow:

  • sto165 There is now a brand new way to create Stories. In the upper right corner of the Product Backlog, Stories can now be dragged into existence, partly resolving the problem that new Stories are always created at the bottom.
  • sto166 We have now a filter for the Product Backlog. Even sorting works in the filtered backlog (with one limitation though, that we will fix another time).
  • sto169 Kunagi now warns you if you want to end Sprints that have finished Stories that are not yet reviewed.

We also made some changes to the website:

And, as always, here is a list of issues that have been solved in this Sprint:

Fixed Issues

  • iss413 there were cases of Exception being thrown on shutting down the application
  • iss372, iss430 the website's response to submitting feedback was parsed incorrectly by some browsers
  • iss376 Kunagi now won't crash if pinging the server fails
  • iss378 Themes are now displayed in alphabetic order
  • iss424 Qualities are not displayed in alphabetic order
  • iss429 new Issues submitted from the internet are now instantly displayed in Kunagi
  • iss408 new Calender events now appear without page reload
  • iss410 Participants without roles can no longer edit project properties
  • iss388 file names with spaces are now handled correctly by the File Repository
  • iss366 Length computation of sprints was incorrect in some cases
  • iss381 the Wiki now correctly renders nested lists
  • iss394 the maximum file upload size is not limited any more
  • iss397 SMTP port configuration should now work
  • iss383 the user documentation of Risks prioritization is now correct
  • iss357 Users do no longer appear twice in participant lists
  • iss398 new Users are now instantly visible in participant lists (without re-login)
  • iss401 the log.txt file is now deleted from time to time to prevent excessive file sizes
  • iss399 after account creates, a blank page was displayed


Mon, Feb 14, 2011, 04:21 by anonymous

Thank you! I'm always waiting for new releases :) Please keep it up!

Mon, Feb 14, 2011, 10:23 by Sebastian

Thank you.

The next sprint 0.18 will be even more useful(because of IE compatibality) than this one.

But can you but 0.17 on your Demo site

I think since Version 0.14 IE support is really bad. Maybe 0.17 does it as good as 0.13. If so we can use(in our project) the very good feature of linking impediments to tasks, which is not available in 0.13 (the last version that works quite usable in IE).

Mon, Feb 14, 2011, 11:10 by Krzysztof

Big Thanks for new release!

Tue, Feb 15, 2011, 22:32 by Erol Kabaday─▒

We are real fun of Kunagi and looking forward to see next releases soon.
Btw, as users of Kunagi, we have a mission to support them with our feedbacks and donates. Let's do it ;)

Forever Kunagi...

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